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Cross kick It: 50 minute class

This class uses CrossFit type equipment and moves.

Cycle: 50 minute class

Peddling your way to a new you though this cardio workout.

Pure Iron: 50 minute class

Take your weight training to a new level. This is an all weight training class using various weights and a different series of repetitions to isolate a single muscle group and maximize muscle burn.

Pure Octane: 50 minute class

This is just what its name promises: the fuel to make it through the week! An energizing class packed with intervals of heavy and light weights to sculpt your entire body while adding a cardio element to all the movements. Challenge yourself with this amazing workout and find your inner beast!

Step: 50 minute class

An all cardio workout bringing back step. Get your heart, lungs, circulation, and muscles moving. Let us help you into a stronger more flexible body.

Total Body Fit: 50 minute class

An invigorating workout incorporating cardio drills, free weights, and power moves that burns calories, build endurance, and increase your strength. This class provides the benefits of strength training and cardio in one workout.

Yoga: 50 minute class

This yoga class welcomes beginning to intermediate levels. Yoga can aid in stress relief, pin relief, better breathing, flexibility, strength and weight loss through poses and meditation. Teaching standing, seated and inverted postures with modifications and variations as needed for any level yogi! Take a break from the hectic, fast-paced world to be still and breath.

Zumba: 50 minute class

A dance inspired group aerobics class. This upbeat class is great for anyone who loves to dance. Come join the party!




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Personal Training

- Identify Goals And Create Tailored Plans

- Help The Client Achieve Their Goals

- Monitor Progress and Modify 

- Educate And Advise Clients

Single or Duel (6 Session Minimum)

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Group Training

4 to 6 People (Twice a week for 6 weeks)

Participating in a Group Training environment gives you the added benefit of motivation from your peers as well as your Instructor. Group Training brings energy, inspiration, and a lot of fun whilst keeping active.

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